Ordering Precious Metals from Midas Resources

Midas Resources has a fully trained team of professionals with decades of experience in the coin and metal markets. We are here to assist you and to provide you with personal service and attention.

To begin the process, all you need to do is call. Our brokers will take your information and work with you to insure you are investing in coins that will meet your investment goals.

Once you speak to a broker, that person will be your personal broker and will take care of your account for all transactions.

When you have decided on a order, your broker will give you the total amount due including shipping & handling charges and a trade number.

Once you have locked in your order and are issued a trade number, you have entered into a binding agreement with us. Regardless of the fluctuations in the price of the metals after the trade date, the contracted price is binding on you and us. In a busy market, prices change rapidly!

The trade number will lock in your price for 2 business days and serves as your confirmation number.

You will need to send in your payment, either by check/money order or bank wire transfer to Midas Resources with in those 2 business days.

Your broker will notify you of receipt of the payment and the processing of your order will begin.

When the metals have been received in house your broker will notify you that your order has been shipped and will give you a registration number that you may use to track your package at USPS.com. And yes, we do ship internationally! Speak to a broker for details about international orders.

All orders are shipped registered and insured by the U. S. Postal Service. USPS will require a signature upon delivery. If you are not available when the delivery is made USPS will leave a notice of delivery attempt. USPS will attempt to deliver your order up to 3 times and if delivery cannot be made they will return the package to us.

The delivery attempt notice that is left by USPS will have a phone number for you to call to schedule a pick up at the post office or you can make arrangements with them to have the package delivered at a time that you will be available.

Most orders ship within 6 Weeks of receipt of payment. This is not a guarantee as we are unable to guarantee exact delivery times. Total turn around from payment received to delivery varies by availability of metals ordered, location of delivery, time of year (the post office is busy around the holidays) and other factors beyond our control.

Midas Resources has had one of the most accurate and reliable service of any metals firm for over a decade.

Please speak to your broker regarding any questions about your order. 1-800-686-2237

Important: These are not the terms for ordering online. To see the online ordering terms, please click here >> Online Order Terms

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